Do you have a sense that there’s a part that you can play in the betterment of your life?

International Best Selling Author, Alena Chapman Offers Free Group Counsel

Anxiety is the most common
of all human conditions world wide.

Ever wonder how leaders keep their cool in tough times?


They develop a simple daily method for intentionally building confidence. This builds resistance against discouraging and negative mental traffic. You know so many have felt new levels of anxiety in the great historical drama we see unfolding day to day. 

But there is a part that you can play in the betterment of your life, your soul, and even your family’s lives.

This is why I formed a powerful discussion and learning group called

Soul Talk

You see, holding in the anxiety we feel from these changes, it erodes our confidence, erodes our health, erodes our sense of control.

Click on the link below to join us at Soul Talk for this and so much more.

Every week:

  • We counsel on one concept, wisdom or ritual that will better our lives, immediately.
  • We reveal how to use these everlasting wisdoms in current times.
  • The most incredible people come to release, reassess and recharge in Soul Talk.

Elizabeth Gilbert

Author of Eat Pray Love

Click the link and join us. Let’s face it, tomorrow another piece of change will likely show-up on cue, to turn up the anxiety.

The only difference is that now, with Soul Talk, you will have a wonderful community counsel rooting for you all the way.

Oh and did I tell you Soul Talk is FREE. Click the link below, Yes! Because–you really sooo deserve this soft place to land, a place to slow down the emotional storms, get centered, get into a practice and get confident.

Click the link and join our Soul Talk community. Don’t let this incredible opportunity pass. Click the link and find your center again. Click the link and you’ll always have a group of friends who understand that you have got this!