My Mind is Too Busy For Meditation

5 minutes a day and you’ll say, I should have done this years ago.

Anxiety is the most common
of all human conditions world wide.

Have you ever sat down to meditate, only to wind up judging yourself the entire time for not being good at meditating?


Hi. I’m an internationally best-selling author, Alena Chapman. Like many others, I used to think that meditation meant sitting in utter silence with a mind empty of all thought. I also used to think I was terrible at it, and so it must not be for me.

Just another example on a long list of small pleasures that my critical mind could justify denying myself. But then though a decade of dedicated research, I learned this one thing that changed everything for my meditation practices and for all of my clients.

Meditation isn’t about having a mind free from all thought. It’s about sitting with and observing your thoughts free from self-criticism. Isn’t it funny how our own self criticism can cut us off from so much peace in our life. 

This is why I formed a powerful discussion and learning group called

Soul Talk

You see, holding in our daily anxiety and the tension we feel from these changes eroding our confidence, eroding our health, eroding our sense of “I got this”.

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Every week:

  • We counsel on one concept, wisdom or ritual that will better our lives, immediately.
  • We reveal how to use these everlasting wisdoms in current times.
  • The most incredible people come to release, reassess and recharge in Soul Talk.

Elizabeth Gilbert

Author of Eat Pray Love

Click the link to join us. Let’s face it, tomorrow another piece of change will likely show-up on cue to turn up the anxiety.

The only difference is that now, with Soul Talk, you will have a wonderful community counsel rooting for you all the way. “You’ve Got This! You have got This!”

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