When Anxiety Masquerades As Productivity

International Best Selling Author, Alena Chapman Offers Free Group Counsel

Anxiety is the most common
of all human conditions world wide.

Do you ever feel like you’re running on fumes?


You know what I mean. It’s that feeling that if you stop to rest, everything would pile up on you and you might never get back up. Hi, I’m Alena Chapman, international best selling author, and founder of Soul Manifesto. This is my invitation to join us in Soul Talk and stop being fueled by anxiety.

In a state of anxiety, we are motivated by the fear of what might happen if we stop. In a state of peace, we are motivated by love of what could happen if we keep going. How do we protect and preserve our enthusiasm when there is so much negativity being projected in the world today?

After years of research, I have discovered simple ways to literally transform old anxiety and fear into love and renewed enthusiasm.

Anyone can do this, and you can do it at any time during the day.

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Every week:

  • We counsel on one concept, wisdom or ritual that will better our lives, immediately.
  • We reveal how to use these everlasting wisdoms in current times.
  • The most incredible people come to release, reassess and recharge in Soul Talk.

Elizabeth Gilbert

Author of Eat Pray Love

Click the link to join us. Let’s face it, tomorrow another piece of change will likely show-up on cue to turn up the anxiety. The only difference is that now, with Soul Talk, you will have a wonderful community counsel rooting for you all the way.

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