Feeling Anxious, Isolated, Off-Centered?

International Best Selling Author, Alena Chapman Offers Free Group Counsel

Anxiety is the most common
of all human conditions world wide.

Well hello there

I am Alena Chapman, founder of Soul Manifesto and you know, we live in such interesting and often confusing times. When we seem to get our focus something else pulls the rug right from under us. Life is changing and it just doesn’t stop!!! How can we nurture a sense of calm in our lives, be happy, confident and simply feel like

“we got this” ?

And this is why I formed a powerful discussion and learning group called

Soul Talk

Every week:

  • We counsel on one concept, wisdom or ritual that will better our lives, immediately.
  • We reveal how to use these everlasting wisdoms in current times.
  • Some of the greatest thinkers come to release, reassess and recharge in Soul Talk.
  • Now you will have a wonderful community counsel rooting for you all the way.
    “You’ve Got This! You’ve Got This!”

Elizabeth Gilbert

Author of Eat Pray Love

Oh and did I say we also have fun. Grab a glass of wine
or your favorite cup of tea and join us, because you so
deserve a soft place to land, to slow down the emotional
storms, and feel centered… feel joy again.

Click the link and you’ll always have a group of friends who understand that You Got This!